Nancy Spencer

Nancy Spencer

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Amazing student testimonial...

One of my lovely students wrote me such a lovely testimonial a feel like I HAVE to share it..

Amanda booked the One Day Fashion & Beauty Makeup Course. Here's what she thought of the day (sent totally off her own back of course!)

"Having researched courses on the internet, I came across Nancy Spencer's site "Makeup Manchester ".  I called Nancy  for a chat regarding training and immediately felt a connection with her.

 I booked her one day, (one to one) Bridal and fashion makeup course. 

I learn't so much!.. In such a short space of time..... It was intense and so much fun!

 Nancy is not only an amazing and accomplished makeup artist.  She is also a very proficient educator.  She instills information smoothly and expertly AND with buckets full of patience!

Some of the things Nancy shared made me, made me feel like I was behind the scenes of a magic show witnessing first hand the "tricks of the trade" ...  Smoke and Mirrors!

I also enjoyed Nancy's WAY of teaching. Very hands on. "Show and Do" kinda thing. She would demonstrate first. Then watch my efforts and give suggestions, opinions and feedback. All in a very gentle and kind manner. 

Nancy was very professional. On arrival, fire exits were shown, refreshments offered and a relaxing and private environment provided.  Also I felt that Nancy gave me 100% dedication and attention throughout the entire day. 

I would highly recommend this course and more importantly Nancy herself.  

The only one negative about the day is that it went too quickly! So I have now booked a second course with Nancy. She has tailor made a course just for me! Thank you Nancy!"

 Amanda, Feb 2016

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